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Shaving Your Wattle

Consider this before shaving the hair under your chin. More

The Deal on Daily Face Washing


Welcome to The “Get Better Skin” Blog....

My name is Josh Zeichner, and I’m the director of cosmetic and clinical research in the dermatology department of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. More

The Gym and Your Skin

Working out at the gym, on the court or on the field? Make sure you skin doesn’t pay the price for keeping your mind and body healthy. More

Are You Using the Right Soap for Your Skin?

Still using bar soap on both sets of cheeks? Face it: There’s a better way to do the dirty work. Here’s how. More

How Hair Grows


Multiple Blades: Multiple Functions

Razors with multiple blades have been shown to give a smoother, closer shave and result in fewer missed hairs than do razors without multiple blades. More

Should You Be Exfoliating?

Find out if a daily shave is enough to scrub your skin of dead cells. More

Sweating and Smelling: Antiperspirants vs. Deodorants

Smarten up on underarm products to stop the sweat and mask the smell. More

Shave Like a Leprechaun


How to Shave Around a Mole or Pimple

Avoid nicks and cuts when shaving obstacles pop up. More

Get That Ingrown Hair Out

Say goodbye to stubborn ingrown hairs -- the right way. More

Pain in the Neck? How to Handle Shaving Cuts and Nicks

Get your neck in shape after a too-close shave. More

Is shaving against the grain OK?

Sometimes it’s OK to break the rules. More

“I Didn’t Realize My Razor Could … Exfoliate”

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Your razor is a tool that affects not only the hair but also the skin. Besides cutting hairs, shaving actually exfoliates the skin. More

Taking Care of Your Face for Shaving in the Winter

Protect your face this winter with these tips. More

Moisturizing Winter Skin: When and Why

Think moisturizers and lotions aren’t manly? It turns out you may need them if you have cracked, itchy skin. More

Say Goodbye to Cold-chapped Lips

Pucker up and protect your smackers, lickety-split. More

Best Ways to Beat Winter Skin

Stop cold weather and dry indoor heat from snowballing seasonal skin issues, now. More

How Often Do You Need to Shave?

Count these factors before you answer. More

Risks of Shaving With a Dull Razor

Do it -- and face the consequences. More

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Razor Blade

Learn when to give in and use a fresh one. More

How to Shave With Dry Skin

Dry skin? You can still stay scruff-free. More

How Moisturizer Works

Get the science behind your moisturizer’s smooth moves. More

What Is Dry Skin?

Get dry skin to flake off. More

Why is your head itch?

Itching of the scalp may be due to many reasons. Expert Dermatologist, Dr.. Steppe moonlight, this week, "the scalp itching" examines. More

Yakanızdaki Enemy: Anti-Dandruff

Do not say bran. There are more than one type of snow that fell on your shoulders. Specialist doctor explains the difference between dandruff and dry bran. More

More Healthy and Beautiful Hair I

Expert Dermatologist, Dr.. Moonlight Steppe, EM Men's Life Today Turkey shares advice for healthy hair and scalp. More

How Clean Is Too Clean?

Are you washing your face too frequently? More

Will Your Halloween Treats Make You Break out?

Get the facts on how your diet affects your skin. More

Avoid Halloween Skin Horrors

Get through the holiday of costumes, masks and makeup with your skin unscathed. More

Masks: They Aren't Just for Halloween …

And they aren’t just for women! Find out how your skin can benefit from the other kind of face mask. More

Aloe Vera: More Than Just a Houseplant

Find out what this plant can do for your skin. More

Caring for Sensitive Skin

Somewhere between 40 and 60 percent of the population complains of having sensitive skin. More

How Skin Heals from Cuts

Have you ever thought about how your skin heals from shaving cuts and nicks? More

Prepare Your Pores: Optimal Water Temperatures Before and After Shaving

Preparing for and finishing your shave are as important to your skin as the shave itself. What you do to get the skin ready will impact the smoothness of your shave and the condition of your skin afterward. More

Your Beard and Blemishes

Acne is a common skin condition that 40 million people in the United States alone have. The face is most commonly affected by acne; understanding the anatomy of hair can help explain why. More

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Protecting your skin from the sun is important all year round. The sun is strongest during the summer, so it’s especially important to use sunscreen this time of year. Even if you’re not going to be outside for an extended period of time, your face is exposed to incidental light every day. More

How to Clean Your Razor Properly

Stop sink-tapping! Learn how to clean razor blades properly for a better shave. More

What Sunburn Does to Your Skin

You know what sunburn looks and feels like, but do you know what’s actually happening to sunburned skin? More

Moisturizing Acne-Prone Skin


Why You Sweat

The main function of sweating is to help control body temperature, maintain a balance of electrolytes and keep the outer layer of the skin moist. More

Bet You Didn’t Know …

Putting on an old sunscreen may cause more harm than good. If you’re using expired sunscreen, the sun may be damaging your skin more than you realize. It’s important to use sun protection products that are fresh and effective. More

Bet You Didn’t Know

The design of the newest generation of razors has been ergonomically enhanced to meet broad shaving needs. More

"I Didn’t Realize My Razor Could … Vibrate"

A lot of people ask me if there is really a difference between disposable razors and their more expensive counterparts, such as vibrating razors. More