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Don't Fear the Odd Hair -- Tame It

There are some places hair just shouldn't grow, and yet it does: out of your nose, around your ears, on your toe knuckles. A grooming expert tells us how to deal. More

Get Olympics-worthy Facial Hair

With the London 2012 Olympic Games around the corner, we predict a wave of Olympics-inspired styles come fall. Our expert barber breaks down the looks to help you get ahead of the game. More

Best Facial Hairstyles From NBA All-stars

With the playoffs in full swing and crazy beards on full display, we take a look at the best facial hairstyles ever rocked in the NBA. More

Get a Barbershop Shave at Home -- for Less

Barbershop results at your own bathroom sink? Absolutely, say these master barbers -- and without spending a lot of time or money in the process. More

Coarse, Curly Facial Hair? These Beards Are For You

Maintaining a good-looking beard is more challenging for those with curly hair. But it can be done, to eye-catching effect. Craig the Barber tells you how. More

Universally Flattering Facial Hair: Is It a Myth?

Is there a facial hairstyle that flatters every face? Men's Life Today connects with barbers across the country to find out. More

Beard Style Guide for African-American Men

With minor tweaks, these four classic beard styles have stood the test of time. Read on to see which one can revolutionize your face. More

Don't Fear the Razor: Putting a Stop to Shaving Irritation

Grooming expert Craig Whitely takes the bite out of shaving with these four practical tips to avoid shaving irritation. More

All-star Mascot Mustaches

Sure you can emulate the facial hairstyle of your favorite player -- like every other fan. If you've really got spirit, you'll take your cues from the team mascot. More

How Girls Really Feel About Manscaping

You've spent months getting yourself in shape for bathing suit season. Should you take it a step further and shave it all off? We ask the Men's Life Today Girl PanelTM for their thoughts on manscaping. More

Summer’s Here: Keep Your Skin Clear

The summer sun -- not to mention chlorine -- can take a huge toll on your face. Follow these tips to keep your skin soft, smooth and easy-to-shave all summer long. More

Razor Technology: 2011

What's cutting-edge in razor technology these days? Check out these hot products to see how they can revolutionize your shave. More

Are You Getting a Cutting-edge Shave?

Dad taught you how to shave, but shaving know-how and technology have come a long way since he learned. More

Shaving SOS: Your 5 Most Common Problems, Solved

Stop blaming your hair or skin for chronic shaving issues. Chances are, the problem lies with your tools and technique. Thankfully, so does the solution. More

The 1st Annual MLT Razor Awards

Whether they achieved the perfect bare face or rocked a skilfully tended soul patch, these men proved sharp when it came to their razor handiwork. Meet the first winners of the MLT Razor Awards. More

Champion Soccer Players Rock Styled Facial Hair

They may work their feet to score and block goals, but for luck, some champion soccer men rely on well-groomed facial hair. Check out their stats. More

Razor Technology: 2010

What's cutting-edge in razor technology these days? Check out these hot products to see how they can revolutionize your shave. More

Eyebrow Grooming for Men

Eyebrows gone rogue? Unfurl 'em with a primer on eyebrow grooming for men who want to tame their brows -- without over-grooming. More

Manscape for Bigger (Looking) Muscles!

Want to accentuate the results you’ve achieved in the gym? Here’s how manscaping (shaving and trimming) can show off your newly acquired assets. More

Turbocharge Your Shaving Kit

Shaving cream and a razor are just a start. To take your personal grooming to the next level, equip your Dopp bag with these tools. More

How Shaving Sharpens Your Life

Shaving accomplishes much more than just removing hair from your face. Here, we reveal the surprising benefits that accompany the right cut. More

Get Your Whiskers on: The Right Razor Cut for Your Face

A few swipes of the blade can highlight your best -- and distract from your, well, less than best -- facial features. Here’s how. More

Manscaping: The Art of the Body Shave

Whether your back resembles the Amazon or you just think below-the-belt topiary’s cool, here’s what you need to know before you begin. More

Shaving: Secrets Dad Never Told You

Maybe you and Pa never had “the talk.” Or maybe you did, and still your face suffers from razor bumps and irritation. Here’s the shaving primer you never had. More