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Eat Your Way to a More Beautiful Beard

We talk to an expert dietitian to find out which foods will make your beard bushy and bright. More

Fight the Winter Blues

A panel of experts gives us their single best piece of advice on how to escape feeling blue when the cold, dark days of winter are upon us. More

Stay Fit and Trim All Winter Long

We give you expert advice on how to stay healthy when all you can think about is drinking hot chocolate and hibernating. More

Why Your Abs Aren’t All That … Yet

You do a decent amount of abs work, so where is that six-pack? We tell you what you’re doing wrong -- and how to do it right. More

What Comes First: Build Muscle or Shed Fat?

Sure you want both. But you can't do it all at once. We tell you which method makes sense for your physique now, and how to get there. More

7 Lessons Learned As a Trainer

If you're still doing crunches and straight sets, it's time to overhaul your workout regime, says MLT's fitness expert, Ethan Boldt. More

The Healthy Man’s Guide to Food Shopping

With the right ingredients on hand, even the most novice of chefs can replace takeout fare with nutritious homemade dinners. Our experts tell you how. More

12 Minutes to Explosive Strength

If you want to excel as an athlete -- and sculpt your body -- you've got to develop your fast-twitch muscle fibers. We asked NBA trainer Rob McClanaghan how to do it. More

Is Your Skin Spot Cancerous? The Skinny on Moles

Skin cancer's not just for dads and grandpas. Herewith, our guide to catching those sketchy spots early. More

The Workplace Workout

Is work curtailing your workouts? Are your workouts cutting into work? Fix both problems at once with the workout you do at work. More

5 Fastest Sleds to Make You King of the Hill

Ditch the garbage can lid and head for the hills with one of these five sleds designed for serious speed. More

Cause of cancer Nonsense!

Cause of cancer Nonsense! Most men die of this cancer! Prostate and breast cancer, such as "gender specific cancers," excluded, most men are dying in other cancers. More

Posted in city bike

With the start of cycling season was opened in warm weather. Two-wheel bike to enjoy the right to choose and where you need all the tips. More

The Cardio Myth

If you really want to lose weight, say our fitness experts, you'll skip the cardio and follow this program instead. More

5 Colors to Pile on Your Plate

Eat your colors -- each has a purpose, from improving your mood to boosting your energy. Here, learn to color your way to health. More

Ramp up Your Summer Pickup Game Performance

You never know when you might get drafted to play basketball, flag football or even toss a flying disc. Here's how you can be better in each. More

The Ultimate Summer Hygiene Guide

Heat, activity and sweat can all take a toll on your hygiene. Herewith, our guide to staying fresh and clean all summer long. More

Give Your Feet a Makeover

Do you wear sneakers all summer long to avoid your friends' collective heaving? Our podiatrists solve the stink and other common foot problems. More

Olympic Hopefuls: A Roundtable Discussion (Part 1)

Ever wonder what it takes to be an Olympic athlete? In Part 1 of our series on Olympic hopefuls, MLT writer John Hanc gets the lowdown on fitness and nutrition. More

The No-excuse Guide to Teeth Whitening

Don't let cost or confusion stand between you and a beautiful smile. Whatever your budget, there's a teeth-bleaching method out there for you. More

Skin Care Essentials for Winter

Love winter sports, but hate winter skin? Our experts tell you how to protect yourself from the sun, the cold, the dry air and everything else winter throws your way. More

The Making of an Olympian

Ever wonder what it takes to be an Olympic athlete? We talked to British champion decathlete Dean Macey to find out. More

Comment finir son premier marathon ?

Confiance en soi, santé de fer, volonté rare…les bénéfices que vous tirerez de cette course de 42.195 km sont multiples et très utiles dans la vie de tous les jours. Rendez-vous sur le parcours du marathon de Paris qui se déroule le mois prochain pour y trouver l’inspiration et suivez nos conseils pour terminer un prochain marathon. More

Stoke Your Competitive Fire!

Lance Armstrong wasn't born a champion. He made himself into one, and so can you. More

The MLT Guide to Healthy Travels

Going on vacation? Don’t become a cautionary tale. Take our expert advice and guarantee yourself a healthy -- and happy -- holiday. More

Ski Guide 2011

We tell you what you need and where to go. All you have to do is bundle up and hit the slopes. More

Keeping Bedbugs at Bay

Media hysteria notwithstanding, bedbugs are not the end of the world. Our expert entomologists tell you how to live and let live in these bedbug times. More

The Stubborn Belly-fat Solution

Working out like crazy ... but still carrying around a spare tire? We tell you why -- and how to get rid of it. More

Get a Jump on Your Fitness with Plyometrics

Want to be quicker, more explosive, stronger, and more balanced? Here's a plyometrics program that will get you there. More

Plan to Ski or Snowboard? Strengthen up Now!

Get physically prepared to hit the slopes by doing this winter-sports workout now, and be ready to rip it up when those first flakes fall. More

How to Make First Pick at the Team Tryout

Whether you're going out for a school or amateur team, a squad for football or bowling, here's how to make the cut. More

The Best Fall Sport for Cardio

Which fall sport gives you the best cardio workout -- and thus, the greatest heart fitness? We declare a winner. More

Winning Water-sport Workouts

Want to be the best surfer, boogie boarder, windsurfer or water skier out there? Try these three easy strength- and endurance-building workouts. More

Conquer the Biggest Mud Runs

Take an obstacle course, add earthly sludge, and you've got the hottest new fitness challenge. Here's the 411 on the biggest mud runs and how to prep for them. More

Find Your Best Softball Field Position

You're playing league softball but aren't sure which position to go out for? This softball aptitude test will tell you which softball field position is best for you (and your team!). More

How to Throw a Ball Farther

It's softball season! Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Mike LaLuna reveals how to add distance and velocity to your throws. More

Groom Your Way Into the Winners’ Circle

Want to smooth your path to victory? Here, grooming habits proven to enhance your athletic performance. More

Fit Your Bike For the Perfect Ride

Want to get more out of cycling? You’ll need to make your bike an extension of you. Here’s how. More

Get Strong With Olympic Lifts

Looking to achieve tremendous gains in strength, speed and agility … like an Olympian? Try Olympic lifts, weight training techniques sure to chisel you into a gym warrior. More

10 Healthy Habits That Make You Handsome

Want to clear up your skin, ditch those under-eye bags and trade in dull hair for sheen? First, you’ll have to feel good. More

25 Ways to Have the Best 2010

Here’s the only article you need to read to be fit and healthy in the new year -- and beyond. More

From Frat Brothers to Fat Brothers

If staying lean is a struggle, you just might be hanging out with the wrong crowd. Here’s how to stop your friends from making you fat. More

Be Your Alpha Best

Want to be your team’s alpha male? The leader out in the field? Just remember: The climb to the top all starts in your head. More

6 Ways to Fight the Flu for Real

You don’t have to let the cold and flu season have its way with you. Boost your immune system now. More

The Ready-for-anything Workout

Want to be fit enough to conquer Tibet’s highest mountains? Or maybe “just” pass a fireman’s fitness test? All you have to do is master this exercise regimen. More

Go From Stick to Thick

It's tough to bulk up. But even “hard gainers” can add muscle if they follow these crucial tips. More

The Joy of Nuking

If your stove’s a stranger to you, fear not -- you can make quick and healthy meals -- such as salsa-smothered turkey meatloaf -- with that old counter standby: the microwave. More

Don’t Brave the Summer Sun Till You Read This!

Think it’s wimpy to slather on sunscreen, wear hats and avoid the brightest outdoor rays? Then you better be man enough to stare down melanoma, the most common form of cancer for young adults. More

Live Healthy Now -- Have More Sex Later

Think what you do today has no bearing on your sex life tomorrow, or the day after? Think again. More

Alert: You’re Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Taxing your body to its limits: Cool. Suffering cardiac arrest and heatstroke: Not so much. Here, the top four warning signs. More