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The Holiday Shopping Guide for Hard Times

How to afford gifts you thought you wouldn't be able to swing this year. More

The CD Solution

Still stuck with a massive tower of CDs from the pre-iTunes era? We tell you how to keep the music and lose the clutter. More

How to Use Facebook So It Doesn’t Use You

Sure, Facebook’s fun -- until the wrong person knows your business. Veteran tech reporter David Kirkpatrick helps you hoard the perks and avoid the pitfalls. More

The Ultimate Game-day Gear … for Tailgating

Still grilling up hot dogs on the back of your truck? We bring your tailgating party into the 21st century with a rundown of the hottest new gadgets. More

The Top 5 Movie Phones

Still squinting to figure out whether that's Leighton Meester or Minka Kelly on your screen? It's time to check out the new crop of movie phones. We pick our favorites. More

Getting Ahead in Hard Times

The workplace hasn’t exactly been business as usual lately -- and neither should your career-development plan. Here are four ways to succeed in business today. More

Best and Worst New MLB Uniforms

Several Major League Baseball teams are sporting new looks. Here's a look at the best -- and the worst. More

The 10 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts Ever

Herewith, the ultimate gift guide for sons looking to get disowned. If you'd rather stay on mom's good side, use this list as a guide for what not to buy. More

How to Ace Your Performance Review

Most employees dread their annual review. Follow these tips, and you'll start seeing yours as a golden opportunity to get the recognition -- and salary -- you deserve. More

Are You a Tech Geek?

It's no easy feat to stay on top of the tech game these days. Take our quiz to find out exactly how well you're doing. More

Celebrity Winners of the Best Facial Hair Awards

In honor of awards-season mania, we're doling out our own awards for the best facial hair on our leading men of movies, music and TV. More

Starting a Business in a Tough Economy

It can be done, say our experts, as long as you follow these key steps. More

Daily Escape Plan

Want to escape the chaos of Istanbul, do not find time to listen to our advice will come like a drug. Believe me, even one day might be enough for the spirit to rest. More

10 Ways to be indispensable for your business

Did you mean: Orada öylece oturup mevcut pozisyonunuzun keyfini sürmeyin... Do not just sit there, enjoy your current position ... More

The Classic Mistakes in Preparation of Curriculum Vitae

Easy to get lost on your CV will be scary, but when it comes to resume into the hands of a company to one that is difficult to correct the error. More

The Quitting Quiz

Answer these eight questions about your job, and we'll tell you whether to stick it out, start planning your exit, or hightail it out of there ASAP. More

Love Lessons From Teen Movies of the ’80s

In the golden age of teen flicks, it seemed like everybody got lucky on the big screen. Turns out these classic movies offer some real life lessons -- especially when it comes to dealing with the ladies. Here, five films that are entertaining and educational. More

The 2011 Summer Movie Preview

This summer's lineup looks a lot like last year's, but that doesn't mean there won't be movies worth watching. Our entertainment expert picks his favorites. More

Olympic Hopefuls: A Roundtable Discussion (Part 2)

Ever wonder what it takes to be an Olympic athlete? In Part 2 of our discussion, our three athletes talk about the challenges and motivations of being an Olympic hopeful. More

Switching Jobs in Bad Times: Should You Make the Leap?

Love it or hate it, common wisdom says you should hold tight to your job when the unemployment rate is high. Our experts say otherwise. More

Kinect Games to Collect Now

After testing several games on the must-have accessory for the Xbox 360, we’re believers. Read on for our top picks. More

Take Your Resume to the Next Level: Video

Trying to stand out from the crowd? Make sure your video resume follows these guidelines. More

A New Year’s Eve to Remember

This year, skip the same old New Year's Eve party and let us show you where the real good times are. More

Affordable Post-Christmas Holidays

Think you'll be too broke to afford a post-Christmas holiday? Think again. We'll show you the bargains; you pack your bags and say goodbye to the January blues. More

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dad

Dad getting a little tired of cuff links and ties? We thought so. This year, give him something he'll actually cherish: an unforgettable day with his son. More

Christmas Presents: Done and Dusted

If the stress of shopping is killing your Christmas spirit, read these tips and chill out. Soon, all you’ll have to think about are the parties and the mistletoe. More

On-the-Job Shaving for Your Office Werewolf

Does your 5 o'clock shadow attack at noon? You may need to perform an office shave. Here's the sheering gear and game plan you'll need to perform the deed in the workplace men's room. More

The Definitive Halloween Party Guide

Halloween is taking Germany by storm. Let Men’s Life Today take you on a tour of the most ghoulish gatherings in the country. More

It’s Bonfire Night: Gunpowder, Treason and Party!

Explode onto the winter party scene this year by planning a Bonfire Night to remember. Men's Life Today tells you how to celebrate in style. More

Your Costume Party Playbook

Want to take your hosting cred up a level? Throw a costume party your friends will never forget. Men's Life Today shows you how. More

Take the Fear out of Halloween (Costumes)

Costume anxiety ruining your Halloween? Experts show you how to make a clever costume that girls will notice -- and guys will envy. More

Female Coworkers Can Make You Better at Your Job

Your female coworkers can actually help you be the best worker at the office. Here’s how to let them. More

The Art of Networking in 2010

Want to rub elbows with the right people? Here are the best practices for making the most valuable professional contacts. More

Make Your Resume Stand out in the Digital Age

These days, a computer may screen your resume before any human does. Here's how to convince R2D2 that you're fit for the job. More

Make the best YouTube videos!

Produce a blockbuster YouTube video and you can achieve fame, professional success and even a better love life. Here’s how to make these mini-flicks click-worthy. More

Make the best YouTube videos

Produce a blockbuster YouTube video and you can achieve fame, professional success and even a better love life. Here's how to make these mini-flicks click-worthy. More

Out-of-the-Box Ways to Get That Job

In these hard times, any tactic to help you rise above the job-hunting competition couldn't hurt -- could it? We'll show you some smart tricks that have helped men land jobs (and a couple to avoid). More

Return to Work Way Ahead of the Game

You need a vacation -- without phone and email interruptions. Here’s how to enable your office to function without you and look like a hero when you return relaxed. More

Triumph With Your Own Beach Olympics

Don’t just lie there in the sun: Set up these summer contests, which will keep you fit and having fun. More

Useful TV Shows to Make You a Better Man

Let TV be your guide: These useful shows will teach you to be the best man you can be. More

Play These Video Games to Perform Better … in Life

The proof is in: Video games improve physical and mental skills that come in handy in the real world. Here's what to play to get an edge. More

Avoid These Movie Shaving Bloopers

Some shaving scenes in films should warn, "Don't try this at home." For the best razor experience, learn from these characters' mistakes. More

10 Smartphone Apps to Help You Get Ahead

How to succeed in business? There's an app for that. If you want to be in career-competitive mode while mobile, here are 10 of our favorite applications for your smartphone. More

2010 Special Report: The State of Careers

Stocks have rallied (somewhat) and the recession’s “over.” Yet unemployment still worsens. Here’s this year’s playbook for tackling your career goal -- and coming out on top. More

Rocket to the Top of Your Career

A star astronaut offers a flight plan for astronomical success in any job. More

Smoke out Your Office Enemies Now!

Which co-workers can you trust and which are out to shut down your career? Use these methods to test the staff and find out who’s on your side. More

Nail the Tailgate Party

Football season’s best action isn’t on the field -- it’s in the stadium parking lot. Here’s how to throw a bash that’ll make people forget about the game. More

Job Fair Play

They may be called career “fairs,” but they’re hardly carnivals. Treat them as daylong job interviews -- with multiple suitors -- and you’ll be poised to land a plum position. More

Movies to Make You a Better Man

Looking for a get-smart shortcut? The right mix of flicks will serve as a veritable Cinema U: You can really learn something by watching them. Here’s our brain-boosting lineup. More

Where the Best Unknown Bands Are Hiding

If you think Top 40 is not so tops and want your tunes to be more cutting-edge, you need to know where to find the best music. Read on. More

Best Cars for Go-getters

Slick, safe and cheap to fix, these autos are the hot choice for young men. More