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My best friend's girlfriend came on to me. I'm afraid that if I tell him, it'll backfire (he really digs this girl) and I'll lose the friendship. What do I do?


Because birds of a feather flock together, it’s not unusual for friends to share similar desirable traits. This may be part of the reason why your friend’s girlfriend is attracted to you as well. Your highest priority should be your best friend.

If she comes on to you once, tell her that an honorable man doesn’t mess with another man’s woman. If she comes on to you a second time, tell your friend. She has established a pattern of deceitful behavior, and he’s the one who could suffer from it. He needs to know what’s going on. If he’s really your best friend, he’ll be grateful. If not, and he blames you for her coming on to you, he may not be the man you thought he was. -- As told to Mike Hammer

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Amy Owens is a counselor, singles coach and matchmaker based in Indianapolis, Ind. She wrote The Itty Bitty Break-up Book: How to Pick up the Pieces After a Relationship Ends and also pens a weekly singles column. Both are available at

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