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I asked my girlfriend to help me shave my back, and she's game. Anything she should know before she does it?


Shaving your back is a tricky task that’s usually best left to salon professionals. But if you take the right precautions and are careful about your process, tools and procedures, you and your girlfriend can stay in control of a potentially hairy situation.

First, take a hot shower. The hot water will open up the pores and add moisture to the skin, making the blade move more smoothly across it. You might also want your girlfriend to apply hypoallergenic pre-shave oil before shaving cream or gel. It adds a layer of protection and can lessen the possibility of irritation.

Second, have your girlfriend trim long hair down with a pair of clippers. A razor will be more effective if she trims first.

Third, have her use a good razor (one with a sharp, brand-new blade) or you’ll come out looking like the loser in a knife fight. Choose one with a good weight and balance to maximize stability and control and to minimize carnage. Your back and shoulders have different curves and corners -- and more of them -- than your mug.

Finally, tell your girlfriend to stake out small areas to concentrate on and attack them one at a time using light, even strokes. She should start by shaving with the grain. Then, for an even closer shave, she can re-lather and shave lightly across or against the grain. -- As told to Mike Hammer

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George Aminov and Arthur Arthur Iskhakov George Aminov and Arthur Iskhakov are co-owners of Barber’s Blueprint, a popular luxury men’s salon in the trendy SoHo district of Manhattan.

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