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Men's Life Today

Risks of Shaving With a Dull Razor

By Dr. Josh Zeichner

Risks of Shaving With a Dull Razor

Ever try to shave using a razor blade that probably should have been thrown out a few shaves ago and say “never again”? (Me too.) Without fail, that last shave wreaks havoc on your face. So if you begin shaving and feel the razor pulling on your skin, you should stop and replace the blade -- immediately.

Razor blades are designed to lift hairs away from the surface of the skin and easily cut through the hair without much force. When the blades dull, however, more pressure is needed to do the same job. Shaving with a dull razor doesn’t come without consequence.

Shave with a dull razor and you may face:

  • Uneven or uncut hairs
  • Rough hair edges (which can lead to ingrown hairs or irritation as the hair grows out)
  • Small cuts in the skin (due to extra pressure)
  • Raw, irritated skin or razor burn (due to excess exfoliation from shaving with too much pressure)
Recovery from shaving irritation can take several days. The best cure? Prevention. At the first sign that your blade is dull, replace it. You and your skin will be glad you did.

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