• What Comes First: Build Muscle or Shed Fat?

    Sure you want both. But you can't do it all at once. We tell you which method makes sense for your physique now, and how to get there.

  • The Workplace Workout

    Is work curtailing your workouts? Are your workouts cutting into work? Fix both problems at once with the workout you do at work.

  • The Stubborn Belly-fat Solution

    Working out like crazy ... but still carrying around a spare tire? We tell you why -- and how to get rid of it.

  • Get a Jump on Your Fitness with Plyometrics

    Want to be quicker, more explosive, stronger, and more balanced? Here's a plyometrics program that will get you there.

  • Winning Water-sport Workouts

    Want to be the best surfer, boogie boarder, windsurfer or water skier out there? Try these three easy strength- and endurance-building workouts.

  • How to Throw a Ball Farther

    It's softball season! Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Mike LaLuna reveals how to add distance and velocity to your throws.

  • Manscape for Bigger (Looking) Muscles!

    Want to accentuate the results you’ve achieved in the gym? Here’s how manscaping (shaving and trimming) can show off your newly acquired assets.

  • Get Strong With Olympic Lifts

    Looking to achieve tremendous gains in strength, speed and agility … like an Olympian? Try Olympic lifts, weight training techniques sure to chisel you into a gym warrior.

  • Be Your Alpha Best

    Want to be your team’s alpha male? The leader out in the field? Just remember: The climb to the top all starts in your head.

  • The Ready-for-anything Workout

    Want to be fit enough to conquer Tibet’s highest mountains? Or maybe “just” pass a fireman’s fitness test? All you have to do is master this exercise regimen.

  • Go From Stick to Thick

    It's tough to bulk up. But even “hard gainers” can add muscle if they follow these crucial tips.