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I'm going to my girlfriend's parents' house to meet the family. Can you give me some tips on not screwing things up?


Don’t think you have to entertain or make sure they know all your positive attributes (they’ve already heard them -- guaranteed!).

Do three simple things:

  1. Observe Attentiveness and eye contact is key. Did someone get up to take plates into the kitchen? Grab a few and follow them. Dad’s beer almost empty? Ask if he wants another.
  2. Ask The easiest way to be likeable is being interested in them. GF’s brother installed the ceiling fan? Really? Fascinating! How’d he do it? And the lasagna: a family recipe? Riveting!
  3. Remember In hour one, GF’s mom mentions that GF had a cat named Buttons when she was a little girl. Nothing will impress Mom more than your asking about Buttons in hour three.

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Dr. Belisa Vranich

Dr. Belisa Vranich is a clinical psychologist, author and public speaker specialising in relationships and sex. She is also a member of the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute and a sexpert at

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