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By Jim on 2009-12-02 New York, N.Y.

I always use the same pickup line: "Babe, I know a lot of guys are talking to you right now, but the difference between them and me is that I'm adorable." It works like a charm. The ladies are always shocked at my confidence and humor.

By Michael on 2009-12-02 New York, NY

Confidence is key. It doesn't matter how you look, if you are confident and show that you are fun to be around, you will never have any problems getting a date.

By Kevin on 2009-12-02 Kansas City

I get the best blades and shave closely to avoid cuts and long-term marks. I'm always clean-shaven, which looks sharp with my good sense of style.

By Charles on 2009-12-02 Round Lake, IL

Relationships: I always put the women first in the relationship. Never forget the little things like: buying her roses for no reason, running a bubble bath for her cause she had a stressful day at work or massage her neck and shoulders to help her relax.

By Stella on 2009-12-02 Charlottesville, Virginia

Start to see exercise as something that's fun again. You don't have to compare yourself to your "old" self who could run several miles without stopping. It's not shameful or embarrassing to walk and run in the same mile. Use your time for exercise to think and to reflect about your day. Listen to music. Let exercise be fun again! Don't push yourself too hard. Just make sure that you're enjoying your work out (or else you will find it difficult to find the incentive to work out again)!

By Barry on 2009-12-02 Havorford, PA

Relationships: I like to get to know the girls more personally online via Facebook or AIM before taking the next step with an in person date. This way we can get to know each other better without making judgements on image.

By Ruth on 2009-12-02 Charlottesville, VA

Use shaving cream.

By Shoot on 2009-12-03 Solana Beach, CA

Be honest and true to yourself first before trying to be in a relationship with someone else. Remember, honesty is always the best policy

By Zach on 2009-12-05 pittsburgh, pa

if you want to save money on dry cleaning, take your dress shirts, wash them yourself, hang them on a hanger, and put them in the bathroom when you shower. The wrinkles go away in minutes from the steam and you have a quality shirt to wear when you get out.

By Zach on 2009-12-05 pittsburgh, pa

want to be your best? take up a ball room dancing class and swoon the ladies with your new moves and class. A drink, a conversation, and a dance will show you the way to romance.

By Kent on 2009-12-14 West Point, Utah

When the blue strip fades replace with new blades.

By Matt on 2009-12-15 New York, NY

Relationships: If you wouldn't want to see your ex while sober, erase her from your phone to avoid an embarrassing drunk dial.

By T Sawyer on 2010-04-14 Anderson, SC

Get a good hair stylist or barber.

By Michael on 2009-12-18 Basking Ridge, NJ

Open doors for women. Chivalry is not dead.

By Matthew on 2009-12-20 Washington, DC

Work and Play: Leave work at work. This requires keeping two phones and leaving the BlackBerry at home when it's time to play. If you work as hard at having fun in your life as you do at work, you'll be the most satisfied man in all aspects of your life.

By Ben on 2009-12-23 Far Hills, NJ

Relationships: My Tip to a successful relationship, is to just be honest, and be yourself... stop trying to impress girls that are out of your league!!! being well groomed and smelling nice is a plus, but too much cologne is over whelming. thats all i have to say, good luck guys

By Penny on 2009-12-24 Baltimore, Maryland

relationships: I don't burst into tears; I don't throw emotional tantrums when things aren't going my way; i take life on the chin; i keep a clear, level head during the good and bad parts of the relationship..a one day at a time approach is good for my life as well as relationship expectations.

By James on 2009-12-29 Kentucky

If you dry your disposable razor (the head or the blades) you will get a better shave much longer.

By George on 2009-12-29 Rio Rancho, NM

Do one thing every day to improve yourself or things around you, such as doing 10 pushups, cleaning a bathroom sink, reading one chapter of a book, shining one pair of shoes or learning one new word. Write it down on a calendar. At the end of the year, you’ll see how you've improved yourself 365 times!

By Chadd on 2009-12-29 Seattle, WA

Learn how to give a good foot rub and offer it to your lady on a regular basis. Throw some "acupressure" lingo to make it sound like you know what you are doing; the placebo effect can be very powerful. She'll melt like butter in your hands.

By JOSHUA on 2009-12-30 NEW YORK, NY

Start off the work week using a straight or disposable razor for a clean professional look at the office. Transition mid-week to the electric so that by Friday/Saturday, you are sporting a rugged look that the ladies love.

By Joshua on 2009-12-30 New York, NY

Lose the gamesmanship in relationships. They have enough natural obstacles as it is, and throwing in head games is just a waste of your precious time. You'll get to where you want to be sooner if you lay your cards on the table.

By max on 2010-02-08 hurricane, wv

Grooming is always a way to show how you respect yourself... Take the time to keep yourself trimmed and neat -- in your private area also.

By Paul on 2010-02-12 Sultan, WA

In relationships, you must be honest, open, trustworthy and loving. You must have a attitude to do all you can do in the relationship and not to play games w/people no matter the situation! Honesty and openness is the main ingredients to a happy relationship.

By jason on 2010-02-21 yukon,oklahoma

try your best and be yourself

By Rick on 2010-03-22 Buffalo, New York

Style and Grooming: Make sure my colors match, my shoes are clean and shiney, my face is clean and smooth and I smell just beautiful!

By T Sawyer on 2010-04-14 Anderson, SC

Surprise your wife or significant other. This does not have to be expensive but can be a card, an extra chore, a homemade cd, or a singing voice mail.

By lorenzo on 2010-04-21 lancaster sc

keep a clean shave brush your teeth

By James on 2010-05-18 London

Drink loads of water - not only does it keep you awake and alert, it makes your skin look great and your exercise regime will get a boost too.

By Cindy on 2010-05-18 Myrtle Beach,SC

To be a better man, always put the toilet seat down and clean your shaving mess out of the sink! Most of all, use a good razor and always have a nice clean-shaven face before bedtime!

By Steven on 2010-05-23 San Leandro CA

Use a shaving brush to lather up your beard for a better shave.

By Mike on 2010-06-02 Bellavista, AR

Exfoliate at least twice a week. I use my wife's sugar scrub -- no ingrown hairs for me!

By BP on 2010-06-06 Conyers, ga

Soak your beard in a hot, wrung-out washcloth before you lather up. It softens the hairs.

By Martin on 2010-07-11 Wheatland California

I have found the best way to prep a beard for a good shave is take your hot shower first than shave after.Your beard will be soft and ready for the blade.

By Robert on 2010-07-13 LaPlace, LA

I shave in the shower. It's easier and no mess to clean up.

By matt on 2010-07-14 milford, maine

I find that trimming my arm pit hair virtually eliminates sweat rings and odor. I use a #2 guard on my hair clippers, this avoids the itch of really short hair.

By Michael on 2010-07-24 las vegas, nv

Make sure to keep your blades aseptic by putting the blade into a aseptic solution after each shave to prevent contamination or transmission of bacteria.

By Chris on 2010-07-28 Murfreesboro, TN

Always shave WITH the grain not against it otherwise you will get razor burn.

By Thomas on 2010-08-05 Dayton, OH

I've got a very thick beard. I've found that the best shave I can give myself is done with a retro twin-blade safety razor--multi-blade cartridges tend to get clogged--and to shave in the shower using hair conditioner as the shave lotion.

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