To be the king of the south coast, might want to play to the dust of summer places. For this purpose, as well as many other features, a real need to pay attention giyiminize ku?am?n?za.

Seven years, "that work" to be connected to the veteran mayonuza concern us deeply. Especially in writing that huge printed T-shirt ... Yes, writes something on a really very funny. And five years, but repeated a joke, just a bad joke.

Trends of the season as he ran from 1998 to the resort town of görünmeyin investigated for you. Men's clothing to distinguish right from wrong, keep reading.

Solmay?n the beach
Summers, the national shirt, bathing suit. More precisely, shorts, bathing suit. Slip your chances of being to our mind wearing a swimsuit (and in front of our eyes), even getirmiyoruz.

"This year, fashion is not a solid color shorts, bathing suits," he says, chain stores, customer consultant who served as Jimmy Key AKSÜT Trust. "Look for shorts with beautiful colors and great patterns. So that is guaranteed to draw attention from afar. "AKSÜT mayolarda bermudaya also close to the length shorts this summer, has come forward telling more.

Peace of the afternoon
After the beach, in the one-piece fashion, it's time to cool ak?amüstlerine. On the sea sefas?n?n, sit down and enjoy a drink to enjoy the scenery is not saturated. In this environment, the most important rule of fashion, of course, "comfort" is. Beymen style for many years engaged in consulting and store manager positions HüseyinTopçu, jeans, or bermuda shorts liners can be connected on the arms twisted urges. The colors of the season, red, pink, fuchsia and eye-catching colors such as lilac open. Huge raw flax and cotton plaid shirt wardrobe can add peace of mind. For those who prefer to use once every summer, take a white, navy blue and a red T-shirt-of-pants, shorts or polo-neck T-shirt may prefer Kombinini. Because it is never old-fashioned sailor's way of dressing.

T-shirt was printed by Topçu'ya cycle. Grandfathers or smiley-faced t-shirts from the dry-fashioned slide deep into your closet for a while. Instead, get a few t-shirt polo shirt will benefit. As long as they remove up the collar of your T-shirt gezmeyin.

In shorts, Bermuda shorts this year as every year, one of the hallmarks. Featured colors, khaki, gray and blue striped ones. Sack also fashionable shorts with pockets and thick stitching. Easily find what stores you go to the blue-striped bermudas. Sandals or sports shoes complete an outfit than Topçu'ya looking. Alone, when choosing a flat thong sandals and dark colors make sure that there is. ?ortlar?n?z?n patterns will be getting out enough already.

In the night
Are determined to strike a stamp of summer nights on holiday, we suggest you bone colored T-shirt and polo shirt into a coat of arms, according to the situation in the bottom of linen, canvas or denim pants. Do not be put on soles that deform compliance. Cool summer nights, patched elbows, cotton jackets, finds its place in the 2011 summer trends.

As for accessories ... This year, footwear, accessories like pouch of the doghouse. Both summer and winter accessories should avoid this type of specialist, he says.

The summer months came and passed one after another, keep up with the times üstümüzdekilerin also quite normal. We took a brief look at our selection of popular beat outfit this summer, but we hid the end of the most important recommendation: Wear what you wear comfortable clothes, never go back to the city on holiday, relax and rest.