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"bicycle in the city impossible."

That's not true. Not at all. Bike ride in the big city (especially in Turkey, however, that the city) may not be easy. Urban chaos, lack of bicycle paths and bike people "piece of cake" to see the cyclists pedal to press most of us are ashamed because of reasons such as not showing respect for traffic. But a little planning and willingly, cheerfully gliding able to spend weekends on the bike.

Choose K?sra??n?z?
Bicycle traffic on the city before leaving, make sure you select the right bike. Herb and bicycles sold in markets may function, perhaps the way to the grocery store. However, if possible, the work you actually visit stores that sell bicycles and bicycle you choose a better quality. Keep your insides on the price, spacious, two-wheel for your wallet does not need to discharge. A little research, you can have a very affordable price is a good bike. Not to mention the possibilities of financing. (Of course, go to the staff of carbon fiber that you may know, a monster 2000 euros bay?l?rsan?z business.)

Bike exchange general logic is simple, and try to get a bike as light as possible. 15 KG, do not turn up on the slopes you'll be happy. Aluminum permanent models. Vendors will help you on the bicycle components. Know too that at this stage, you need top-level equipment. Shimano Viteslerinizin is enough, now Do not confuse the names of sub-models.

Although the names "city" While going through - constantly exploding tires and bent wheels to sit on - not the city bikes , prefer mountain bikes. Damaged roads and sidewalks of our cities, but the high mountain bikes gerebiliyor chest. In addition, wild horses running down the hills like a landing will do a (probably shall not), the only shock absorbers (front) to select models. At the moment, is very popular both with dual shock absorbers unnecessary yorulursunuz bicycles, as well as the spring in the way drivers receive magirus expired.

Another important point is , be careful when selecting the size of the bicycle squad. In order to retain control of traffic, bicycle nearly every moment would become a part of your body. E?ilmemeli to grasp the handlebar too far ahead, while curves not feel like the bike passengers. You must have control at all times. For this purpose, standing astride bike between your legs when you stop taking the cast a few inches distance between the upper limit of the tween, make sure that the perineum. In addition, straight leg sit-down uzatt???n?zda saddle, the base of the foot pedal at the bottom stands approximately correspond to the position. Selenizi try to arrange accordingly.

This is ok, it's time to security: Drawing on a bike helmet and never be without a glove ; ?kmay?n. These accessories are not absolutely unnecessary or luxurious. Possible case of a fall where we put our hands as a reflex, then they will understand what it does outside of gloves to look ostentatious. Helmets do not even need to enter the subject, but I summarize as follows; a solid head, the sound is contained within the helmet.

After checking the air in the tires and brakes, that's sokaktay?z! What is it, cars whiz by your supervisor is coming! Calm down, scroll to the right of the road. Do not go to the pavement, because you do not walk anymore. Traffic lights for vehicles, see the side. Keep red light. Approaching the beginning of the street, the pedestrian may suddenly, right in front of you and the vehicle, make sure to pivot. Never ear headphones not, pull off the senses.

If possible, pass the time between the cars. A little research, a great bike trail close to home and explore. Use Google Earth. Undoubtedly one of the most affordable places ?stanbul'daysan?z Bostanc? Fenerbahce, thence along the coastal path to Kartal. Separated bike lane on the beach for miles and miles without even noticing, you can fold. Sometimes you do not worry about doing acrobatics between the cars, Besiktas Sar?yer and along the coastal path between the options.

Sounds boring straight road, a ferry, skip and go to the islands. For example, the Church of St. Yorgi Büyükada Explore the path circumnavigating the hill. "That hill is not for people" say, "big tour" you can follow the route around the island called. In any case, make sure you will feel as though in Istanbul.

Izmir Konak, Uckuyular, Narlidere (and even Urla-fountain!) Line; Ankara AOÇ , Middle East Technical University in Eskisehir road karart?rsan?z Forest or the eye within the other possibilities.

a few friends with you if you can find like-minded, make sure that you can enjoy no matter where you discover a trail. Cycling in the city as possible. As long as they ask you! EM Photo: @ / mbbirdy