Cause of cancer Nonsense!

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Most men die of this cancer!

Prostate and breast cancer, such as "sex specific cancer types," Excluding the other types of cancer most men are dying.

In fact, because of the risk of dying from these cancers for men, women, 40 percent and more ... What is the reason for this? Nonsense, of course ..

According to a survey by the Association of Cancer Research in England, women, cancer cases have been diagnosed earlier. Because the women going to a doctor earlier. Men go to the doctor about the "manly" act and putting off.

There is a biological difference between men and women, but men are more ill-fed, do not go to a doctor. Or rather, not look at them as women.

Salami, sausage, bacon, processed meats such as sausages increases the risk of bowel cancer.

According to research conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund, those treated more than 70 grams of meat consumed per week is recommended. So in order to reduce the risk of bowel cancer need not exceed 3 times a week with the bacon slices. 70 gram limit that 10 percent of bowel cancer cases could be avoided. Half a kilo of red meat per week is the limit!

World Cancer Research Organization experts, what is the best choice to minimize the risk of not consuming any of these products that stand out. Up to 500 grams per week consumption of red meat is defined as. Bowel cancer is the 3rd most common cancer type in the world and 50 percent of patients die within 5 years. This type of cancer, cancer is seen as the second most lethal. Factors that increase the risk of bowel cancer, alcohol consumption, obesity, inadequate physical activity, such as red meat and processed meats include excessive consumption of meat.

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