How Women Really Feel About Facial Hair

Most women don’t have much facial hair -- and those who do find a way to get rid of it. But that doesn’t stop us from having strong feelings about the hair on your face.

It turns out we have pretty strong opinions. Meaning? Your facial hair style can dictate whether we find you hot … or decidedly not. And every strand of hair can speak volumes about you well before you get the chance to open your mustached mouth.

To help you put your best face forward, we’ve asked the women of the Men’s Life Today Girl Panel™ to share their impressions -- positive and negative -- of eight common facial hair styles. Read on with razor at the ready; you may want to give your mug a makeover after reading this.


Jaye,23 Veronica, 24 Lauren, 30 Natalia, 25

Samantha, 22

Is facial hair sexy or sloppy?

“Definitely sexy. There’s nothing more masculine.” -- Samantha

“It really just depends on face type and personality. It can be sexy if the guy wears it with style.” -- Natalia

“I prefer a clean-shaven look so you can fully see a man’s face, without distractions.” -- Lauren

“If you’re artsy or some sort of a musician, facial hair sort of completes the look.” -- Jaye

Any particular pet peeves or turnoffs?

“Fragments of facial hair, such as mustaches, goatees, soul patches, etc.” --Veronica

“When a beard is out of control and a guy’s neck is hairy. That’s just bad hygiene.” -- Jaye

“Mustaches that curl onto lips. Ugh!” -- Samantha

“Do not stroke your facial hair; it’s creepy.” -- Lauren

What’s your first impression of the following facial hair styles?

1. A full mustache

Tells her you are …

“No longer in my datable age range.” -- Samantha

“Tom Selleck.” -- Veronica

2. A full beard

Tells her you are …

“About to bust out the guitar and sing me a tune.” -- Natalia

“All man. A full beard is as natural as it gets -- and usually the most flattering to a guy’s face.” -- Samantha

“Very lazy.” -- Lauren

“Someone I would like very much to make out with.” -- Veronica

3. A goatee

Tells her you are …

“A sort of alternative, edgy guy.” -- Jaye

“A grooming perfectionist. Or you have a chin butt.” -- Lauren

“In a terrible band that you formed with your friends in the late ’90s.” -- Veronica

4. A soul patch

Tells her you …

“Are a fan of articles of clothing that have flames on them.” -- Veronica

“Got lazy at the last bit of shaving.” -- Natalia

“Are creepy and definitely trying too hard (and failing!)” -- Jaye

5. A handlebar mustache

Tells her you …

“Are the detective from Clue -- or a hipster, at least.” -- Samantha

“Got lost in the Wild West, lost a bet or are super old-fashioned (and old).” -- Lauren

6. A pencil mustache

Tells her you are …

“Type A.” -- Samantha

“Trying to show off that you can grow facial hair.” -- Lauren

“A sex offender.” -- Veronica

7. A chin curtain

Tells her you are …

“Kind of cool, but a little high-maintenance.” -- Samantha

“In jail or about to be in jail.” -- Jaye

“Hot … if you have a narrow face. Rrrrr!” -- Natalia

8. A clean-shaven face

Tells her you are …

“Ready to get to work. A clean face screams success.” -- Samantha

“Sexy.” -- Jaye