What Women Hate About Your Jeans

You might not think twice about throwing on your favorite pair of jeans -- but maybe you should. After all, choose the wrong pair of pants and the woman you’re after probably won't want to get into them.

At least, that's what the girls of the Men’s Life Today Girl Panel™ seem to be telling us. We asked them which jeans-wearing habits they despise. It turns out there are quite a few of them. For the sake of space, we give you their top ten…

The Panel







The Panel’s Pant Peeves:

1.Pants worn high and tight

“I don’t want to see any silhouettes of what’s underneath.” -Hali

“Avoid the mom jeans look at all costs. I'm looking at you, Obama.” -Veronica


“No crack peeks!” -Hali

“In the words of every old person ever, ‘Pull your pants up!’ Who finds that attractive? And how do you even walk like that?” -Veronica

“Exposing your undergarments won’t get me to show you mine.” -Lawrese

3. Skinny jeans

“Don’t suffocate your knee caps ….or other areas.” -Lawrese

 “If they're skinnier than mine, we have a problem.” -Kristin

4. Baggy jeans

“I haaaaate when guys wear baggy jeans. I'm not saying they need to be lady-tight, but baggy jeans make everything look so 90s. I'm not trying to date Eddie Vedder.” -Veronica

5. Wrong lengths

“I can’t stand it when a man’s jeans are too short. Even if everything else is stylish, he’ll still look like George Costanza.” -Michelle

“Jeans shouldn’t be too short or too long. They're both turn-offs. Also, a good hem job goes a long way.” -Allison

6. Light and bright washes

“I like a good pair of gray jeans, but I think a lot of men get trends like that wrong when they try. When in doubt, a dark blue wash always works. The darker the better.” -Michelle

 “Colored jeans are never acceptable, unless you're in the circus.” -Kristin 

7. Excessive embellishments

“No rhinestones or studs or what-have-you. Unless you’re in a mariachi band or Jay Manuel.” -Veronica

“I don’t want a man who wears jeans with a brand across his butt.” -Lawrese

8.Pants past their prime

“Jeans should be replaced if you’ve grown six inches and lost 20 pounds since you bought them.” -Hali

“When the hem is dangling off and dragging behind you, it's time for the trash.” -Kristin

“Holes in your jeans that make you look like you got shot. If you have them, it’s time to replace them.” -Lawrese

9. High-end jeans
“I think it's weird when a guy has uber designer jeans, like Rock & Republic with huge ‘R’s on the back. Who ya trying to impress, bud?” -Veronica
10. …And low-end jeans
“Cheap jeans are usually paired with ugly shirts and bad looks. They send the message that a guy is either cheap all around, or dressed by his mother.” -Allison
by Elizabeth Narins