Summer Budget

The edited with the pleasant aspects of life grows: your back will feel the warmth of the sun, beautiful women in the streets begins to swing Tirilye Tirilye and perhaps the most beautiful, the dearly beloved financially able to flirt with collapsing increases the options available. The possibilities are endless, but your lover to experience summer on a shoestring budget will give you six great suggestions.

Event 1: here, "Park" You Can
Whether the first, or whether the fiftieth meeting, appointments are easy and cheap to go to the edge of a nearby park or lake. The famous romance coach, Arthur Milo, "The first appointment ball play touch or eat ice cream. You will easily get an idea about the relationship process. "He says. Rent a boat at sunset, go for a ride, or if possible, among the other alternatives. Ducks, pigeons or sparrows to keep with you a little bit of bread crumbs. Girls love men animal lover.

Event 2: Music Lyrics
Many free concerts are organized throughout the summer in the city. This is an opportunity to discover new music without paying a fee. If you have a small diameter organizasyonsa and a proper environment, you bring a blanket for a picnic get something to eat. If you be tracking a famous artist, forget about the picnic. Both of you will lose plenty of water, you get water. Lover, warmly welcomes this thoughtful behavior.

Event 3: Upgrade to the Bar
The weather gets hot, open-air venues terrace floors, a great place to bring our beloved romantic moments. For most women the landscape is to say romance. Only hamburgers or chicken wings on the menu, even if it does not matter. Alone, not get caught in the crowd out of the weekend. For example, quit on Tuesday. Thus, you and your beloved will go all the space. Do not have a great terrace nearby restaurant or cafe? Then call a garden or a place overlooking the sea, a view will do the job as long as!

Event 4: Festival and Events
Can participate in low cost or free summer festivals and events in dating the most beautiful homes. Get your hand and blend in. snacks. For example, join one of the competitions get something for him. If you have amusement park, ride a Ferris Do not forget, the moment you leave the summit is a good opportunity to promote intimacy. I hope you understand.

Event 5: Performing Arts
You do not have to watch Shakespeare. However, preferably a place in the open air theater organization, the relationship is reflected in your bottom line as plus points. Is not too hard to find an affordable place. Examine the papers-the Internet and your beloved, do plan to bring our class one day. For a quick bite before the show, fruit juice, sandwiches and dessert, which consists of the package can prepare a picnic. If you have a short in the front of game-related research, is garantilediniz flörtünüzü fascinated. Do not like the theater? The game is played outdoors, choose a cloudy night, half due to rain, if you show, you are infected cultures effortless scores!

Event 6: The Life of a sunny beach
The bus, train, car or bike to the beach Take yourself to jump! "Spent money / feast for the eyes" is the ratio of the highest type of appointment. Bring towel, mat, chips and bring something to drink. Offer to drive your lover suntan oil on her back. Leave the rest to you.
by Jody Orshal Carty