5 Gadgets to Boot up Your Love Life

These gizmos will keep you and your lady together -- by giving you a little more space.

Sure you love your mate. But that doesn’t mean you have the same taste in everything. Never fear: Here are five relationship-saving products that will help preserve the peace (and your sanity).

In the Bedroom

Microplush Dual Control Electric Blanket

Not to make a blanket statement, but if you’re like most couples, you and your mate probably have different ideas about the ideal room temperature for sleeping. Do you like it warm, and she likes it roasty? It’s time to call a thermo-truce and invest in a dual-control electric blanket. Available in queen and king sizes, these spreads have two thermostats, each controlling the temperature on one side. This way, you can simmer while she sizzles. Now the only thing you’ll have to worry about is making sure she doesn’t steal the blanket in the middle of the night.

Queen size: $120

King size: $130

In the Den

JVC NX-D2 Dual iPod Dock Shelf System

So we’ve already established that your entertainment choices differ slightly from your S.O.’s. While your iPod is jam-packed with hair-band classics, the lady of the loft tends toward Yanni and John Tesh. What’s a self-respecting wannabe hard rocker like you to do when you both want to park your iPod in the living room docking station? JVC feels your pain and has just introduced the NX-D2, a shelf system with a dual iPod dock. With the NX-D2 (no relation, we’re told, to R2-D2), your iPods can snuggle up next to each other, each charging (though only one playing), perched above speakers that deliver 230 watts of power. Now your only dilemma will be: Who gets the remote? $400

In the Game Room

His and Hers Wii Remotes

You might not have a double remote for your JVC boom box, but why not have color-coded ones for your Nintendo Wii? Just unveiled in stores (appropriately enough) this Valentine’s Day, the Wii Remote is available in both pink and blue. The corresponding hue for your gender means that whether you’re playing “Wii Sports Resort” or “Legend of Zelda,” you’ll never again have to worry about picking up the “wrong” remote. (For the record, we’re not trying to reinforce color stereotypes, just trying to make life easier. OK? -- Editor) $55

In the Media Room

Brookstone Wireless TV Headphones

You’re nice and comfy in bed, your bag of nachos within easy reach, and things are about to get good. (We mean, your home team’s come back from the brink, and the game’s gone into extra innings.) But your woman is about to call a foul: It’s 1 a.m. and she has a big meeting tomorrow. Is it time to turn off the TV and head down to the den? Heck no! Just grab your wireless TV headphones. While your lady dreams of PowerPoint presentations, you can enjoy the game sound streamed directly to your ears. And as for the blinding light blaring from your 65-inch LCD into your lover’s eyes … geez, is there no making this chick happy? $50

In the Bathroom

Grohe Relexa Dual Shower System

Time to hit the showers. Problem is, while you like the water pressure set to max and the temps scalding hot, your companion prefers a slightly gentler approach. With a little bit of ingenuity, your home spa can accommodate you both. Consider the Relexa systems from Grohe -- our pick for the Platinum Level Couples Gadget (see price below). Set on opposite walls of the shower with a ceiling rain shower fixture betwixt you, Relexa lets you each claim your side of the stall. (Bonus tip: For true bliss, keep your razors, shampoos and other shower paraphernalia on your respective sides.) Find the settings that work for each of you, and you’ll never have to adjust the shower knobs again. That is, unless you and your mate decide to meet in the middle.
From $3,500 (excluding installation)

by Thomas P. Farley