Is Your Skin Spot Cancerous? The Skinny on Moles

The importance of wearing sunscreen to prevent skin cancer has been drilled into your head since the day you were born. But you’re way too young to start inspecting yourself for iffy moles, right? Actually, say dermatologists, you’re not. Dr. Jessica Krant, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and founder of Art of Dermatology in New York City, says the time to start is now. “If you get used to how your moles and skin look when nothing is wrong, you’ll be ready to notice changes over time,” she explains, adding that, though rare, “skin cancer does occur in teens and even in children, so there really is no age too young to start knowing your skin.” But how can you “know” your skin? When is a mole just a mole, and when is it a sign of something worse? To answer these questions and more, here are three healthy habits you should be using to keep tabs on your body’s largest organ.

No. 1: Get an annual checkup.
Make an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist for a complete head-to-toe skin cancer screening. For most people, this will become an annual event, but depending on your skin type and coloring, sun exposure, and family skin cancer history, you may need to go more often. “Everyone is truly different, so your dermatologist should work with you to figure out the schedule that works best for your situation,” says Krant.

No. 2: Check yourself using the ABCDE’s.
In between dermatological visits, you need to inspect your own skin. In order to get to know what’s normal for you, Krant suggests looking at easy-to-see spots once a month. Less visible areas can be looked at every four to six months. Although cancers are more likely to develop in parts of the body that are more exposed to the sun, they can still form in areas the sun doesn’t see. That means a complete skin exam includes the bottoms of your feet, in between your toes, your scalp and your underwear area. “Use a mirror to look at hard-to-see areas,” says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research for the Department of Dermatology of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. “Ask your wife or girlfriend to check out your back.”

What you’re looking for, says Zeichner, is the ABCDE’s of moles.

A = Asymmetry, when one side of the mole does not look like the other side
B = Border, when the border of the mole is irregular and not round
C = Color, when there are various shades of brown, black, blue, or white in the mole
D = Diameter changing (according to Krant, dermatologists used to warn against moles that are larger than a pencil eraser, but doctors now know that melanomas can be smaller)
E = Evolution, when the mole changes over time

Another general guideline, says Krant, is to search for anything that looks different from when you last saw it or that doesn’t look like most of the other marks on you. “There are three main types of skin cancer,” she explains. “Each is formed when a different skin cell type goes bad.” When a brown mole turns malignant, it forms melanoma, the least common but deadliest skin cancer. But there is also a type of melanoma that has no brown pigment; it can look pink or red and is easily overlooked. “Basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer, can appear as a clear ‘pearly’ bump, a flat white scar-like patch, or a pimple-like sore that may bleed and heal and then bleed again,” says Krant. Squamous cell carcinoma often appears as a flaky, scaly red bump, or a small patch that looks like a rash but won’t heal.

No. 3: When in doubt, call a professional.
With all the different places on your body to check and all the different types of spots to look out for, it can feel overwhelming. Just do the best you can to keep track of your skin, and head to your specialist if you spy something that makes you uneasy. At the very least, he or she will reassure you that it’s benign. And if it isn’t, rest assured you did the right thing: All three types of skin cancers are potentially deadly, but they’re also curable if caught early.


The Workplace Workout

Experts agree the best time to exercise is midmorning or midday, when testosterone and general energy levels peak. But if you’re like most of us, that’s smack in the middle of your workday. So, do you relegate your workouts to sub-peak hours? Quit your job and go freelance so you can control your schedule? Not necessary, says Tom Seabourne, tae kwon do champion, TV host and author of 16 books. His latest book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Quick Total Body Workouts, is based on an appealing premise: You can work out every part of your body right at your desk.

“Everyone can find a few minutes a few times a day to get a quick full-body workout,” argues Seabourne. “You’ve got to get your blood pumping and get out of your seat.” By focusing on fast-twitch, Type IIB muscle fibers, Seabourne’s program will “increase your anaerobic and aerobic power, get your blood flowing, burn additional calories and help to energize your day,” he says. That’s not a bad set of outcomes, but perhaps an even more compelling argument for workplace workouts is the slate of recent studies showing that sitting for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your health -- even if you exercise regularly before or after work.

Below are 12 exercises that together will give you a total body workout, whether you have your own office or sit in a cubicle. Admittedly, a few of them may raise some eyebrows, depending on your office culture, but many can be done without anyone being the wiser. And even if your co-workers snicker at first, when they see the results -- both on your body and in your level of productivity -- they’ll be lining up at your desk for tips.

1. Swap out your core-killing office chair for a Swiss ball. Even better, if you have the means and your boss is laid back about such things, attach your computer to an exercise bike.

2. Pace back and forth while on the phone. If you have your own office, get a long cord and use the extent of it. If you’re in a cube and pacing would bother your co-workers, then march in place.

3. Do 45-degree planks on your desk while reading. First, bend your arms at a 90-degree angle and place your forearms on your desk. Then step backwards to form a plank from your shoulders to your ankles. Contract your core and hold for 30 seconds.

4. Drop a pencil and do some push-ups -- a couple of max sets (go to fatigue, generally 10 to 25 reps) a day, two to three times a week. Notice how quickly you’re able to increase your reps.

5. Do some dips in your chair before sitting down. With your heels on the ground, hands on the chair arms, and both legs straight and pointed away from you, lower yourself to the chair by bending your arms until your elbows reach a 90-degree angle. Then push back up for five to 15 reps. (If you’ve already swapped your chair for a Swiss ball, sit on the edge of your desk with a straight back, curl your hands around that same edge and place your calves on the ball, legs straight. Slide your butt away from the desk so your hips can descend toward the ground. That’s your starting position for the dip.)

6. Do squats while on a conference call. Keep doing them until you begin to lose your form or the call ends. Or until you start to talk funny.

7. Press your heels into the floor while typing. This easy and discreet move trains your quads, glutes and hams isometrically.

8. Pump your arms as fast as you can, like you’re sprinting. Go for 15 seconds, adding two seconds a week until you can do a full-minute arm-sprint.

9. Place a ball between your knees and squeeze. Do three sets of 10, and hold for three seconds per rep.

10. Do heel raises at the water cooler/fountain. Fifteen reps twice a day will work your calf muscles.

11. Do two-arm biceps curls while staring at your computer screen. Leave two (cheap) dumbbells at work and do two sets of 10 reps every other day. Bring heavier weights to the office as you get stronger.

12. Similarly, do dumbbell shoulder presses in front of your computer. Start with two sets of 10 reps and increase the weight as you get stronger.

5 Fastest Sleds to Make You King of the Hill

Are you sick of winter? Then think back to when you were a kid. The most fun you ever had was shredding through the snow on your Flexible Flyer, right? Well, we have news for you. Sledding -- the national pastime of prepubescents everywhere -- is just as much fun for postpubescents. Face it: Your life is going downhill anyway, so you might as well enjoy the ride!

One of the cool things about not being a little kid anymore is you can afford to buy your own sled. These are our top five picks of the sleds and toboggans on the market today. These babies fly, so to give you a fighting chance of getting to the bottom of the hill in one piece, we also included a couple of pieces of safety equipment.


Flexible Flyer PT Blaster

That’s right: The brand of your youth is using adult technology to throw you off a cliff at breakneck speeds. (We said it was fun -- not necessarily safe.) With a three-ski snowmobile design, this sled shreds like no other. It comes with a spring-loaded break system and handlebar steering for improved control and handling. It’s 45 inches long, 18 inches high and 20 inches wide, so it can handle the big butt of an old Sasquatch like you.

Price: $77

Buy It Here

Avalanche Snow Disc


For the sledding “fun”-damentalists. The old garbage can lid blueprint has been upgraded with lightweight plastic to reduce friction and increase speed. Not exactly NASA-level technology, but this baby takes off down a hill like a flying saucer. Admittedly, it doesn’t quite handle like the Space Shuttle Columbia. Once you’ve been launched, the piloting is out of your hands and you start spinning like Kim Kardashian’s press agent, heading any which way the Avalanche takes you. But you do it fast, and that’s the fun!

Price: $12

Buy It Here


Mad River Rocket Killer B Sled

If sledding brings you to your knees, then this is the one for you. To ride it, you place your knees in the foam pads, buckle in your thighs and steer with your hands. (Not for the text-messaging nuts in the crowd.) The black shell, constructed from recycled plastic, is extremely sturdy and able to handle difficult terrain. Give yourself time to learn how to handle this mother so it doesn’t handle you.

Price: $160

Buy It Here

American Traders Deluxe 8-foot Toboggan

This 8-foot-long retro rocket -- made of traditional thin wooden planks with thicker side slats for extra strength and speed -- brings back warm memories of youthful mass casualties. Weighing in at 28 pounds and measuring 18 inches wide, it meets U.S. National Toboggan Championship standards.

Price: $299

Buy It Here

Airboard Softboard Inflatable Sled

This arrowhead-shaped inflatable raft has hard plastic ridges that help keep you from killing yourself while you break speed records in the snow. This is, without a doubt, the fastest ride on the ridge: It can hit 80 miles an hour! At that speed, you’d better make sure not to hit anything else. The good news is that the plastic runners provide good handling with a simple shift of your body weight. (You ride lying head-first like on an old Flexible Flyer.) Developed in the Swiss Alps, this snow raft inflates in less than three minutes with a hand pump and delivers the ride of a lifetime.

Price: $140

Buy It Here



Shred Ready Forty 4 Helmet

Every year, more than 20,000 sledders hit the emergency room after hitting the slopes. If you don’t want to join them, wear a helmet. This one uses in-mold expanded polystyrene (EPS), an energy-absorbing foam. It also has an easy-to-use one-handed buckle, along with a removable and washable liner and ear pads. Don’t abuse your head; use it and buy this hard hat.

Price: $80

Buy It Here


Ice Bird Snow Goggles

You can’t sled if you can’t see, so keep the wind and snow out of your eyes with these double lenses with anti-fog coating. They’re anti-scratch and break-resistant with 12 layers of protective coating that provide both protection and better visibility. Plus, the comfortable form-fitting foam padding on the inside will keep your face from taking on a permanent raccoon outline -- a nice feature if any cute snow bunnies happen to be on the hill.

Price: $45

Buy It Here

Posted in city bike

"bicycle in the city impossible."

That's not true. Not at all. Bike ride in the big city (especially in Turkey, however, that the city) may not be easy. Urban chaos, lack of bicycle paths and bike people "piece of cake" to see the cyclists pedal to press most of us are ashamed because of reasons such as not showing respect for traffic. But a little planning and willingly, cheerfully gliding able to spend weekends on the bike.

Choose K?sra??n?z?
Bicycle traffic on the city before leaving, make sure you select the right bike. Herb and bicycles sold in markets may function, perhaps the way to the grocery store. However, if possible, the work you actually visit stores that sell bicycles and bicycle you choose a better quality. Keep your insides on the price, spacious, two-wheel for your wallet does not need to discharge. A little research, you can have a very affordable price is a good bike. Not to mention the possibilities of financing. (Of course, go to the staff of carbon fiber that you may know, a monster 2000 euros bay?l?rsan?z business.)

Bike exchange general logic is simple, and try to get a bike as light as possible. 15 KG, do not turn up on the slopes you'll be happy. Aluminum permanent models. Vendors will help you on the bicycle components. Know too that at this stage, you need top-level equipment. Shimano Viteslerinizin is enough, now Do not confuse the names of sub-models.

Although the names "city" While going through - constantly exploding tires and bent wheels to sit on - not the city bikes , prefer mountain bikes. Damaged roads and sidewalks of our cities, but the high mountain bikes gerebiliyor chest. In addition, wild horses running down the hills like a landing will do a (probably shall not), the only shock absorbers (front) to select models. At the moment, is very popular both with dual shock absorbers unnecessary yorulursunuz bicycles, as well as the spring in the way drivers receive magirus expired.

Another important point is , be careful when selecting the size of the bicycle squad. In order to retain control of traffic, bicycle nearly every moment would become a part of your body. E?ilmemeli to grasp the handlebar too far ahead, while curves not feel like the bike passengers. You must have control at all times. For this purpose, standing astride bike between your legs when you stop taking the cast a few inches distance between the upper limit of the tween, make sure that the perineum. In addition, straight leg sit-down uzatt???n?zda saddle, the base of the foot pedal at the bottom stands approximately correspond to the position. Selenizi try to arrange accordingly.

This is ok, it's time to security: Drawing on a bike helmet and never be without a glove ; ?kmay?n. These accessories are not absolutely unnecessary or luxurious. Possible case of a fall where we put our hands as a reflex, then they will understand what it does outside of gloves to look ostentatious. Helmets do not even need to enter the subject, but I summarize as follows; a solid head, the sound is contained within the helmet.

After checking the air in the tires and brakes, that's sokaktay?z! What is it, cars whiz by your supervisor is coming! Calm down, scroll to the right of the road. Do not go to the pavement, because you do not walk anymore. Traffic lights for vehicles, see the side. Keep red light. Approaching the beginning of the street, the pedestrian may suddenly, right in front of you and the vehicle, make sure to pivot. Never ear headphones not, pull off the senses.

If possible, pass the time between the cars. A little research, a great bike trail close to home and explore. Use Google Earth. Undoubtedly one of the most affordable places ?stanbul'daysan?z Bostanc? Fenerbahce, thence along the coastal path to Kartal. Separated bike lane on the beach for miles and miles without even noticing, you can fold. Sometimes you do not worry about doing acrobatics between the cars, Besiktas Sar?yer and along the coastal path between the options.

Sounds boring straight road, a ferry, skip and go to the islands. For example, the Church of St. Yorgi Büyükada Explore the path circumnavigating the hill. "That hill is not for people" say, "big tour" you can follow the route around the island called. In any case, make sure you will feel as though in Istanbul.

Izmir Konak, Uckuyular, Narlidere (and even Urla-fountain!) Line; Ankara AOÇ , Middle East Technical University in Eskisehir road karart?rsan?z Forest or the eye within the other possibilities.

a few friends with you if you can find like-minded, make sure that you can enjoy no matter where you discover a trail. Cycling in the city as possible. As long as they ask you! EM Photo: @ / mbbirdy

Cause of cancer Nonsense!

Most men die of this cancer!

Prostate and breast cancer, such as "sex specific cancer types," Excluding the other types of cancer most men are dying.

In fact, because of the risk of dying from these cancers for men, women, 40 percent and more ... What is the reason for this? Nonsense, of course ..

According to a survey by the Association of Cancer Research in England, women, cancer cases have been diagnosed earlier. Because the women going to a doctor earlier. Men go to the doctor about the "manly" act and putting off.

There is a biological difference between men and women, but men are more ill-fed, do not go to a doctor. Or rather, not look at them as women.

Salami, sausage, bacon, processed meats such as sausages increases the risk of bowel cancer.

According to research conducted by the World Cancer Research Fund, those treated more than 70 grams of meat consumed per week is recommended. So in order to reduce the risk of bowel cancer need not exceed 3 times a week with the bacon slices. 70 gram limit that 10 percent of bowel cancer cases could be avoided. Half a kilo of red meat per week is the limit!

World Cancer Research Organization experts, what is the best choice to minimize the risk of not consuming any of these products that stand out. Up to 500 grams per week consumption of red meat is defined as. Bowel cancer is the 3rd most common cancer type in the world and 50 percent of patients die within 5 years. This type of cancer, cancer is seen as the second most lethal. Factors that increase the risk of bowel cancer, alcohol consumption, obesity, inadequate physical activity, such as red meat and processed meats include excessive consumption of meat.

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